• Hilitchi 10Values Integrated Circuit Chip Assortment Kit opamp, Single Precision Timer, pwm LM324 LM358 LM386 LM393 UA741 NE5532 NE555 PC817 ULN2003 ULN2803 (85)
    ✅Durable material: Surface plated with nickel, which is not easy to rust and ensure a long service life. ✅Many values, with 10 types for your choice. Clear Mark, easy to identify the models, enough quantity for your IC chip work. ✅85PCS IC chip kit: LM324 - 5Pcs, LM358 - 10Pcs, LM386 - 10Pcs, LM393 - 10Pcs, UA741 - 10Pcs, NE5532 - 10Pcs, NE555 - 10Pcs, PC817 -10Pcs, ULN2003 - 5Pcs, ULN2803 - 5Pcs. ✅Used with circuit board: choose the appropriate model you need and install it in the right position. ✅We offer a variety of useful IC types for your daily assembly application, such as precision timers, dual operational amplifiers, audio amplifiers, darlington arrays, quad operational amplifiers, etc. Also, you could DIY your own circuit boards.
  • Bridgold 85 pcs 10 Types Integrated Circuit chip Assortment Kit,opamp,Single Precision Timer,pwm,Including:LM324 LM358 LM386 LM393 UA741 NE5532 NE555 PC817 ULN2003 ULN2803.
    IC Assortment contains: LM324, LM358, LM386, LM393, UA741, NE5532,NE555,PC817,ULN2003,ULN2803 Including 10 pcs DIP4 socket, 60 pcs DIP8 socket, 5 pcs DIP14 socket, 5 pcs DIP16 socket,5 pcs DIP18 socket We have chosen a variety of useful IC types for daily assembly, such as: precision timers, dual operational amplifiers, audio amplifiers, Darlington arrays, quad operational amplifiers, etc. Anti-static plastic box, store commonly used IC kits according to label instructions ULN2003,ULN2803:ULN2003, ULN2803: 10 pcs Darlington array
  • Rustark 85 Pcs 10 Types Integrated Circuit Chip Assortment Kit Opamp, Oscillator Includes LM324,LM358,LM386,LM393,UA741,NE5532,NE555,PC817,ULN2003,ULN2803,Logic Gate IC
    【Huge IC Chip Assortment Set】Pack contains:LM324,LM358,LM386,LM393,UA741,NE5532,NE555,PC817,ULN2003,ULN2803. 85 pcs of set, 10 types integrated circuit chip will meet your different needs for power-supply control. 【Fully Types for your choice】All important and useful types of Integrated Circuits into one set for your choice:dual operational amplifiers, quad operational amplifiers,photocouplers, precision timers, osciallators, dual opamps, quad opamps, comperators, audio amplifiers, echo processors, current mode controllers, darlington arrays, voltage charge pump. 【Number of Pins】4/8/14/16/18 pins;working temp: 0°C ~ 70°C.Pls refer to picture for more details. 【Widely Application】Designed for power-supply control,flexibility to tailor the power-supply control circuitry to a specific application.Widely used in instrumentation, household appliances, medical equipment, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, and other electronic products. 【Come with Storage Case】All of integrated circuit chips are sorted into anti-static plastic box according to label instructions. Save your time and energy to pick up suitable one when applying.
  • Professional+EASY-OFF+Ready-to-Use+Oven+and+Grill+Cleaner%2c+Liquid%2c+2Qt+Bottle%2c+6%2fCarton
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  • GE%2bLighting%2b66649%2b48%2522%2b34%2bWatt%2bG13%2bT12%2bCool%2bWhite%2bLinear%2bFluorescent%2bBulb
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  • Suma+Prime+Cut+Degreaser%2c+2.5+L+J-Fill+Refill%2c+2%2fCarton
    Sold as 2/Carton. Cleans fast and easy without scrubbing. Non-corrosive degreaser. Free rinsing. Provides instant long-lasting suds, even in the presence of grease and oil.
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    知味觀 杭帮名HangZhou Specialty(知味观 糕点礼盒544g/盒 Pastry gift box)綠豆糕 桂花糕 年貨大禮包 杭州特產老字号食品 HangZhou Specialty(知味观 糕点礼盒544g/盒 Pastry gift Food & Beverages Tea
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  • Алтей Бемби Феликс Зальтен большой формат Russian Tales
    твердый переплет Russian language 56 страниц Big Format 27 x 20,5 x 0,7sm иллюстрации Р.Кобзарев О.Савина
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  • LIWENFU Fèti ŚhLèâther Śys,CöuplësSlâvëFlïrt ŚMGâmëTöölsKīt Suit Couple Slave Filrt S & MGāmes Suitable for Beginners, Men and Women, Couples, Role Playing, Bündling Toys
    ★Made of Webbing, which is absolutely safe and soft and omfortable to your skin. Nontoxic and odorless, ensure your pleasure and health. An exciting enhancement for love game, foreplay and ready for the theme. ★Delicate appearance, great shape design, ergonomic perfect fit and easy to carry. ★Equipped with many tools, just enjoy the sense of conquer and being conquered. Protect your lover, take control and explore your love fantasies. ★Take you into the realm you have never thought of so far.
  • Аз 5 журналов Фиксики Fixiki развивающие Russian
    24 страницы размер 21х29 см мягкая обложка 5 журналов