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  • TotalBoat - 488395 Spartan Boat Bottom Paint | Multi-Season Marine Antifouling (Blue, Quart)
    MULTI-SEASON PROTECTION IN THE WORST CONDITIONS: High copper content (approximately 40% cuprous oxide) bottom paint provides reliable, multi-season antifouling protection for boats in all waters, including warm saltwater, fresh water, and brackish waters. SMOOTH, ABRASION-RESISTANT FINISH FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE: Get maximum speed and fuel efficiency. Advanced copolymer ablative formula means it won't wear away too quickly. It can also be burnished for a racing finish. HAUL AND RELAUNCH WITHOUT REPAINTING: Hauled your boat for longer than 2 weeks? Simply scuff lightly to reactivate this paint's antifouling properties. Formula minimizes paint build-up to eliminate heavy sanding. FAST-DRYING & SUPERIOR COVERAGE: 500 sq. ft. per gallon coverage lets you finish painting your boat faster and launch sooner. Use on fiberglass, wood, steel and over previously painted surfaces. Spartan is compatible over nearly all bottom paints. CHOOSE FROM FOUR POPULAR COLORS: Spartan is available in Black, Blue, Red & Green colors in Gallon sizes. Black and Blue also available in quarts.
  • CWB Connelly Boat Slide, Commercial Grade 5'7" Vinyl Slide Attach to Boat
    Commercial-grade reinforced Polymer construction Fits most recreational boats w/ a 27” maximum gunnel height FREE 12V air pump included 180 lbs. weight capacity - 67" L x 36” W x 18" H
  • Adventure® Medical Kits Marine 2000, Marine First Aid Kit, Offshore Sailing, Cruising, & Fishing, 12 lbs. 4 oz.
    MARINE MEDICINE A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: Know how to handle marine first aid emergencies with this detailed manual, written by medical doctors Weiss and Jacobs and recommended by the US Sailing Association. The guide includes over 100 illustrations and 50 improvised techniques for providing emergency care while at sea, including injury prevention tips, symptom lists, and treatment for submersion injuries, drownings, and hazardous marine life. A HOSPITAL AT SEA: Be prepared even when cruising days from land or visiting a foreign port. With this comprehensive first aid kit, you can deliver injections and IVs using the IV administration set, sew sutures with the suture kit, make temporary fillings for cavities with the dental kit, and monitor blood pressure using the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. EASY CARE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM & DOCTOR DESIGNED: Identify and find what you need quickly in the easily accessible, injury-specific pockets individually packaged in waterproof bags with reference cards to treat everything from basic to advanced illnesses and trauma. Designed with the help of USCG captain and marine medicine expert Michael Jacobs, M.D., this kit was developed with mariners in mind. PROFESSIONAL TOOLS & SUPPLIES: Provide advanced medical care in survival situations with a flexible C-Splint, scalpel, elastic bandages in two sizes, EMT shears, precision forceps and more. Deliver hospital-quality care for burns, bleeding, and other wounds using quality emergency supplies like trauma pads, GlacierGel burn dressings, triangular bandages, nitrile gloves, sterile dressings, and waterproof bandages. CPR & HYPOTHERMIA TREATMENT: Administer protected mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate drowning or choking victims using the high quality CPR face mask. Open airways with oral airways in six sizes. Wrap patients in the 90% heat reflective emergency blanket to prevent hypothermia or shock.
  • TotalBoat Aluminum Boat Paint for Canoes, Bass Boats, Dinghies, Duck Boats, Jon Boats and Pontoons (Black, Gallon)
    TOUGH MARINE PAINT: Durable, one-part polyurethane formula adheres directly to aluminum and galvanized metal. No need to etch or prime first; prevents corrosion and resists UV damage, chemicals and abrasion ATTRACTIVE LOW-SHEEN FINISH: Ideal for aluminum canoes, dinghies, pontoon, hunting, and fishing boats, jon boats, duck boats, hunting blinds, tree stands, ladders, boat trailers and more. Easy to create a camouflage finish for hunting EASY TO APPLY AND DRIES FAST: Apply 2-3 coats by brushing, rolling or spraying. Overcoat in just 1 hour at 72 F, without sanding between coats. Get superior adhesion to prepared aluminum without priming ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ALUMINUM PAINT formula is chromate-free, has low VOCs, low odor, and easy soap & water cleanup. Thin up 20% with water. Finish won't peel, chip, or fade AVAILABLE IN EARTH BROWN, KHAKI, BLACK, WHITE, LIGHT GRAY AND ARMY GREEN (similar to olive drab green paint); Sizes: Quart and Gallon; Coverage: 80-100 sq ft/qt; 320-400 sq ft/gal; Use above or below the waterline (note: is not an antifouling paint)
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  • RITE-HITE Chene Fluke CH-35 Anchors - for Large Pontoons, Cruisers & Large Fishing Boats (CH-35 DLF)
    Used for Temporary mooring for swim rafts, shore moorings and docks. Drift fishing or river fishing - requiring no CHAIN! Uniquely crafted River Anchors Features a unique shank configuration that rotates a full 90 degrees allowing the flukes (sharp point that dig into the bottom) to penetrate deeply with a full 45 degree set This 45 degree angle provides four times more holding power than other slip ring anchors and, as a result, the Chene anchor requires 70% less anchor line and performs best with approximately a 2 to 1 line to depth ratio. The unique slip ring design also allows for easy retrieval. The solid steel construction is more durable with welds that extend the entire length of adjoining surfaces and zinc coating that helps protect against the harshest environments including saltwater. Double Laminate (DLF) - ANCHOR SIZE: 15" W x 15" L
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  • MARINE CITY Boat Universal Speedometer Kick-up Pilot Tube 80 MPH (Includes Mounting Parts) MC30112035
    Universal Replacement Pitot for most marine speedometers. Automatic kick up feature to prevents transom damage and prevents breakage. Speedometer pilot tube is weed resistant system provides steady water pressure required for accurate readings. Have a standard slotted hole pattern that allows replacement of most brands without drilling new holes. Weed-resistant system provides steady water pressure required for accurate readings.
    13.90 $
  • Attwood Collapsible Kayak & Canoe Cart (Part #11930-4 By Attwood Marine)
    83.53 $
  • WindRider Boat Anchor | Box Style | Folds for Storage | Galvanized Steel | Sizes for Boats up to 40ft (26lbs - Upto 34ft Boats)
    FAST AND EASY SETTING – Toss it in anywhere and anyhow and it will set quickly and effortlessly. No need to back down the anchor. So whether you are setting it in the sand, mud, weeds this anchor will set efficiently. When setting just make sure you have enough anchor rope for the depth to keep the retrieval bar at less than a 45 degree angle. So if you are setting in 100ft of water, you will need at least 150ft of line. EASY RETRIEVAL – Simply pull up the anchor line until the boat is directly above the anchor. This will cause the retrieval bar to go straight up and the anchor will come free. Since we don’t need any heavy chain it is much easier to retrieve. If setting in mud it can collect some, so you may need to dunk it a few times to clean it off before bringing it aboard. SECURELY IN PLACE – Unlike our competitors we fully weld the retrieval bar onto the anchor. This ensures that no matter what, the anchor won’t come apart when deployed. Beyond the fully welded retrieval bar, we also put split rings onto the Y holder, so it doesn’t matter what side lands down underwater, it won’t accidently collapse. Feel secure that your box anchor won’t let you down at anchor. COMPACT STORAGE – Simply pull out the Y connector (you only need to do 1 side) and the anchor will store in a fairly flat, straight, compact manor. This makes it easy to store under seat cushions or other storage areas in your boat. FROM A MINNESOTA BOAT MAKER - WindRider is a Minnesota based small boat manufacturer. We believe in standing behind our products, so if you ever have any issue, comment or concern you can feel confident you will talk to someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about boats - Here in the USA!
    149.95 $
  • HARKEN Carbo Air Block | Premium Sailing and Sailboat Equipment
    Low-friction Carbo Air blocks are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable Companions to the popular Harken Black Magic block line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming
  • HARKEN Carbo Air Block | Premium Sailing and Sailboat Equipment
    Low-friction Carbo Air blocks are lightweight, strong, reliable—and affordable Companions to the popular Harken Black Magic block line, these small, compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming