• Leviton WSP20-9D0 LevNet RF 902 MHz Line Voltage Relay Receiver, 100-277V, 50/60 Hz, See Image
    Used as part of the levnet RF 902 MHz wireless Lighting control system Receives signals from other levnet RF self-powered sensors, switches and other transmitters to control Lighting and other devices or loads Transmission range of 50-150’ Low power consumption that saves 70% over other wireless technologies Meets energy code requirements for ASHRAE 90.1, title 24 and IEC
  • 241941007 Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; CRTE182TB3,CRTE182TB2,FFTR1821TWA,LFTR1821TF7A,FFTR1821TW9,FFTR1821TW8,FFTR1814TB4,2536041961A,LFTR1821TF6,2536041961D,LFTR1821TF5,2536041961C,FFTR1814TB3,LFTR1821TF4,LFTR1821TF3,2537050561C,2536041961E,2537050561A,LFTR1821TF9,LFTR1821TF8,25370505617,LFTR1821TFF,25370505619,CRTE182TS3,LFTR1821TFA,25370505618,CRTE182TS2,25360419619,25360419617,LFTR1821TFH,25360412618,FFTR1814TSE,2536050261A,2536050261B,2536050261D,FFTR1814TSA,FFTR1814TSB,25360502619 Compressor start relay 241941007 attaches to the compressor and helps start the compressor motor Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. This compressor start relay (part number 241941007) is for refrigerators Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power is off and unplug the refrigerator before installing this part
  • NMB TECHNOLOGIES 11938MB-A1K-EA-00 AC Fans AC Axial Fan, 119x38mm, 115VAC, 67CFM, Flange, Terminal
  • ICM Controls ACC-RT104 Remote Sensor for SC1000, 2000 and 3000 Series, and SC4010 and SC5010 Models
    Ideal for tamper-prone areas or poor air-flow areas Mounts to standard 2" x 4" outlet box Foam gasket prevents drafts through wall opening For use with icm's SC1000 Series (model dependent) and the SC4010 and SC5010 dual powered thermostats
    18.84 $
  • WB30T10071, AP3418700, WB30T10028, WB30K10006, PS243920, SP21YA Range Coil Surface Element 8 Inch-Replaces 911361, AH243920, EA243920
    WB30T10071, SP21YA Range Coil Surface Element 8 Inch. Replaces AP3418700, WB30T10028, WB30K10006, PS243920, 911361, AH243920, EA243920. 4 Turn 8".Rated 2100W, 240V. Comes with "Y" style bracket. Economy plugin. It's High Quality Generic Replacement Part.
    16.99 $
  • 3110GL-B4W-B54 0.30A/0.65A 808025MM 2 wire power supply chassis fan (0.30A)
    Product Name:3110Gl-B4W-B54 Voltage :DC 12V /Current:0.30A/0.65A Power Connector:2wire 2pin Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25MM ✔ America local 5 to 10 days can received.
    28.99 $
  • 117492610 Dishwasher Electronic Control Board Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; FGID2474QB3B,FGID2474QB4B,FGID2474QF3B,FGID2477RF1A,FGID2474QF4B,FGID2474QB0B,FGID2477RF3A,FGID2474QB0A,FGID2474QB1B,FGID2474QW0B,LGID2475QF1A,FGID2474QW0A,FGID2474QW1B,LGID2475QF3A,FGID2474QW2B,FGID2474QW3B,LGID2475QF0A,FGID2474QW4B,FGID2474QF0B,FGID2474QF0A,FGID2474QF1B,FGID2474QF2B This is a manufacturer substitution. Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including; 97391199000400,97391199000401,97391199000402,97391199000403,97391199000500,97391199000501,97391199000503,97391199000600,97391199000601,97391199000602,97391199000603,97391199002000,97391199002001,97391199002101 Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. This electronic control board (part number 117492610) is for dishwashers Unplug the dishwasher before installing this part
    162.79 $
  • Leviton GS Wetguard Watertight Cover, IP66, NEMA 4 & 4X, for use with All 15A-40A Toggle Switches Including Manual Motor Starters, Industrial Grade-Gray
    Watertight Toggle Switch Cover IP66, NEMA 4 & 4X For use with all 15A-40A Toggle Switches including Manual Motor Starters Industrial Grade
    36.36 $ 43.48 $ -16%
  • Icp 1000742 Furnace Fan Control Relay Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; NG4P047A3C1,NDGK050KF03,PGAD60G1K1,NDGK050KF06,NDGK050KF07,NDGK050KF04,NDGK050KF05,NPGAB18C1K1,867778630,867778631,NULS050AF01,NUGK125KK08,NULS050AF04,NUGK125KK07,NULS050AF02,NDLE100AF01,NUGK125KK09,NULS050AF03,NUGE100CK02,NUGE100CK01,PGME42G115,NPGB090H2LA,NDLE125PH01,NPGAA47F1K1,NUGK125KK04,RGMA75H201A,NDLE125PH02,NUGK125KK03,NUGK125KK06,NUGK125KK05,NPGAA30D1K1,PGAA60D1K1,PGAD24B1K1,NUGE075BG01,NPGAD36E1K1,NPGB180J2LA,NDLE100BH01,NDLE100BH02 Fan control relay 1000742 controls the operation of the blower fan in the furnace Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Compatible Brands: Icp,Kenmore,Sears This fan control relay (part number 1000742) is for furnaces Shut off the house circuit breaker for the furnace before installing this part
  • New WaterCop Electric Actuator Motor, 115VAC (1/2 through 1-1/14 inch) WCDACT1
    MAIN CONTROLLER - For the WaterCop Classic system. WIRELESS SIGNAL - Receives wireless signals from wireless flood sensor(s). LEAK DETECTION- Automatically activates the shut-off valve. MANUAL OPTIONS - On/off valve control buttons. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL WATERCOP VALVES - 0.5" - 1.25".