• Dell Performance Dock WD19DC Docking Station with 240W Power Adapter (Provides 210W Power Delivery; 90W to Non-Dell Systems)
    Adaptable to your workload: conveniently choose between a single USB-C cable or dual USB-C functionality, a feature Compatible with our precision 7000 workstations. Ultimate connectivity: Dual USB-C connectivity makes it easier than ever to deliver power, data, audio and video as well as connect to system peripherals, no matter what system You use. Includes support for up to four displays, including a single 5K and dual 4K monitors (only available on supported systems), you can connect to everything you need. Power adapter 240 Watt AC with up to 210 watts power delivery. Up to 90 watts power delivery to non-dell systems. (When only one cable is connected to the system, The 2nd USB-C cable behaves as USB-C with power Share, providing power for a peripheral or mobile phone). See description for important compatibility information.
  • Deal4GO DC Power Jack Cable Charger Port Replacement for Acer Nitro 5 AN515-31 AN515-41 AN515-42 AN515-51 AN515-52 AN515-53 A715-71 Predator G3-571 G3-572 PH315-51 DC301010K00 50.Q2CN2.002
    Compatible with Acer Nitro 5 series: AN515-31 AN515-41 AN515-42 AN515-51 AN515-52 AN515-53 and Aspire 7 A715-71 series. Also works with Predator G3-571 G3-572 PH315-51, and AN515 series: AN515-51-504A AN515-53-52FA AN515-53-55G9 AN515-53-52FA A715-71G-71NC and more. Connector type: 6-Wire 6-Pin, Plug In. Compatible Part Numbers: DC301010K00, 50.Q28N2.003, 50.Q2CN2.002. Cable Overall Length Approx.: 20.8 cm / 8.5 inch.
  • SF Cable, 3 Prong Plug Adapter, USA NEMA 5-15R to IEC 60320-C14
    Category: Convert from USA 3 Prong Receptacle (NEMA 5-15R) Standard: NEMA 5-15R to IEC 60320-C14. USA NEMA 5-15R to IEC 60320-C14 Plug Adapter. cUL, RoHS, Reach Approvals Rated up to 10A 125V Fully molded rugged construction
  • New DC Jack Cable for 841237-001 801513-001 789660-FD3 789660-SD3 789660-TD3 789660-YD3 836109-FP1 836109-SP1 836109-TP1 836109-YP1 HP Spectre 15 15T 15-AP 15T-AP 15-AP000 15T-AP000 X360 Series
    Fit for: HP Spectre X360 13-4102NX 13-4102UR 13-4103TU 13-4103UR 13-4104TU 13-4105TU 13-4105UR 13-4119TU 13-4103NA 13-4103NE 13-4103NF 13-4103NG 13-4103NP 13-4103NT 13-4103NV 13-4103NX 13-4104LA 13-4104UR 13-4104NA 13-4104NB 13-4104NF 13-4104NG 13-4104NO 13-4104NV 13-4105NA 13-4105NC 13-4105NE 13-4105NF 13-4105NG 13-4105NO 13-4105NS 13-4105NX 13-4106NB 13-4106NF 13-4106NO 13-4106NS 13-4106UR 13-4107NF 13-4107NO 13-4107UR 13-4108NC 13-4108NF 13-4108NG 13-4108NO 13-4108TU 13-4108UR Series work for:HP Spectre X360 15-AP003NF 15-AP003NG 15-AP004NA 15-AP004NF 15-AP004NG 15-AP005NF 15-AP012NA 15-AP001NF 15-AP005NA 15-AP006NG 15-AP007ND 15-AP012DX 15-AP018CA 15-AP000NA 15-AP000NF 15-AP000NX 15-AP001NX 15-AP002NF 15-AP002NG 15-AP007NA 15-AP010CA 15-AP010NA 15-AP011DX 15-AP052NR 15-AP062NR 15-AP070NZ 15-AP090NZ Series HP Spectre X360 13-4109LA 13-4109NF 13-4109NO 13-4109TU 13-4109UR 13-4112NF 13-4112NL 13-4112NO 13-4110ND 13-4110NF 13-4110NL 13-4110NO 13-4110NW 13-4110TU 13-4111N Series work for:HP Spectre X360 13-4000NA 13-4000NE 13-4000NI 13-4000NP 13-4000NS 13-4000NT 13-4000NW 13-4000UR 13-4002NX 13-4002TU 13-4003NF 13-4003NIA 13-4003NL 13-4003NS 13-4003TU 13-4006NL 13-4006TU 13-4007NC 13-4007NL 13-4008NA 13-4010NV 13-4010TU 13-4011NV 13-4013NB 13-4015TU 13-4016TU 13-4020CA 13-4020ND 13-4020NG 13-4020NP 13-4020TU 13-4021NG 13-4021NP 13-4022TU 13-4023TU 13-4030CA 13-4030NO 13-4032NO 13-4057NA 13-4040LA 13-4040NO 13-4041NO 13-4050CA 13-4050NA 13-4051NA 13-4051UR 13-405Series work for: HP Spectre X360 13-4058NA 13-4070NG 13-4070NZ 13-4077NZ 13-4080NB 13-4080NO 13-4090NZ 13-4092NF 13-4095NF 13-4096NF 13-4097NE 13-4097NF 13-4097NX 13-4098NE 13-4098NT 13-4098NX 13-4100DX 13-4100NA 13-4100NB 13-4100NC 13-4100NL 13-4100NN 13-4100NS 13-4100NT 13-4100NW 13-4100UR 13-4101LA 13-4101TU 13-4101UR 13-4099NF 13-4099NT 13-4118NF 13-4101NA 13-4101NF 13-4101NG 13-4101NI 13-4101NL 13-4101NO 13-4101NP 13-4101NV 13-4102NA 13-4102NC 13-4102NF 13-4102NIA 13-4102NL 13-4102NO Series 30 days money back, 1 year warranty
    16.85 $
  • Padarsey Replacement DC Power Jack Harness Cable Plug in Connector Socket for HP 15-AC 15-AC113CL 15-AC121DX 15-AC163NR 799736-Y57 799736-S57 799736-F57
    1) Compatible Model Numbers: HP 15-AC 15-AC113CL 15-AC121DX 15-AC163NR 2) Compatible Part Numbers: 799736-Y57 799736-S57 799736-F57 3) Replacement and high quality,Replace your faulty, cracked or broken DC Power JACK Cable 4) Each keyboard is tested before shipping. All pictures are taken from the real item, please check carefully before bidding. 5)【Universal repair tool】Please check the asin B07S9YFQJH if you need pry scewdrive Repair your iPad, iPhone,android Phone, PSP,XBox,PlayStation,Nintendo,SSD,MP3 ,players,PC, Watch and more daily devices.
    8.88 $
  • Tripp Lite Standard Computer Power Extension Cord 10A, 18AWG (IEC-320-C14 to IEC-320-C13) 10-ft.(P004-010) Black
    STANDARD COMPUTER POWER EXTENSION CORD: Extend the power cord on any PC or device with a C14 plug; or, to connect your C14 PC or device directly to the C13 port on your PDU or UPS. Black 10ft. HIGH QUALITY CONNECTIONS: IEC-320-C14 (male) to IEC-320-C13 (female). 10-FT. EXTENSION CORD: 10 foot power extension cord for your PC or device with a C14 plug. POWER EXTENSION CORD SAFETY: Meets strict RoHS specifications. UL Listed. 18AWG SJT, 10A, 100-250V. LIFETIME WARRANTY: This computer power extension cord cable comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
    7.50 $ 13.52 $ -45%
  • Ceptics IEC USA NEMA 5-15R to IEC 60320-C14 Adapter Plug - ETL Certified - Industrial Grade (IG-320),Black
    This adapter accepts the standard NEMA 5-15P 3 prong, or NEMA 1-15P USA n. American 2 prong flat pin Plug Type 320 Plug adapter - NEMA 5-15R to IEC 60320-c14 Light weight - very compact - 3.00"X1.5"X1.5" & max load rating: 13a/250V Industrial grade high quality adapter - ETL approved RoHS Compliant. Ceptics limited lifetime warranty Caution: This Plug adapter will not transform voltage or current. It will only work with dual voltage products.
    7.99 $
  • Tripp Lite Standard Computer Power Cord 10A, 18AWG (IEC-320-C14 to NEMA 5-15R) 1-ft.(P002-001-10A) Black
    1-ft. C14 to 5-15R power cord Allows you to plug a power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug into the IEC-320-C13 outlet of a PDU or CPU. Frees up a wall outlet 18AWG SJT, 10A, 125V, UL listed Limited lifetime product warranty
    6.35 $
  • Tripp Lite 6 ft. Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord, C14 to C13, 15A, 14 AWG, Blue (P005-006-ABL)
    6 foot color-coded cable connects hardware, such as computers, printers, Scanners, power supplies and monitors, with C13/C14 power connectors Easy-to-identify blue SJT jacket and fully molded blue ends Flexible 14 AWG wire for easy routing 250V/15a rating; UL-Listed Lifetime limited warranty
  • Sierra Wireless AC 12VDC Power Adapter for AirLink LS, ES, GX, and RV Models Modem
    Sierra Wireless AC 12VDC Power Adapter for AirLink LS, ES, GX, and RV Modems